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Member Benefit: CST Co., Collection Agency with Discounted Rates

CST Co. has been the approved collection agency for ANCA since 1987. CST Co. is a full-service commercial collection agency with over 90 years of experience in the personal handling of accounts in the US and worldwide.

CST Co. is a founding member of the Commercial Collection Agencies of America, an agency member of the International Association of Commercial Collectors, and a proud member of the Credit Research Foundation. CST Co. is licensed and bonded in all states where required.

Experience: CST Co. adjustors average over 20 years of experience in commercial collections, most of it with CST Co. They know what it takes to collect money from reluctant debtors.

Discount rates without discount service! As a member of ANCA, you receive a 20-25% discount off our regular rates for preliminary collection service. Standard rates of 25% apply for accounts that are sent to attorneys. If litigation is authorized, court costs and suit fees also apply.

ANCA Fee Schedule
First $2,000.00..................20%
Excess of $2,000..............15%
$200 to $500...............$100.00
$50.00 to $200.00.............50%

CST Co.'s vast Debtor Index has roughly half a million company names. This is important to you because debtors often order from companies that belong to the same Association. If you are having trouble with a certain company, it is possible CST Co. has already had experience with them on behalf of another ANCA member. member. CST Co. clients have access to the debtor database through the secure section of their website:

Coverage area: CST Co. has sales representatives in or near every major U.S. city. They are available to meet with you to discuss credit and collection concerns, and can also meet with your customer face-to-face to arrange payment on past due balances, where warranted.

Experian Credit Reports: Having a hard time deciding whether or not to sell to a customer? CST Co. offers credit reports on businesses and individuals through Experian at a surprisingly low cost. There are no minimum purchases and no contracts to sign. You "pay as you go," with no commitments.

If you would like to work with CST Co., please email or call (502) 589-2027.